Shipping & delivery (01)

We use the services of a delivery agent to deliver the goods to you. We will not be responsible, and we will have no liability to you if delivery is not made within the time requested or represented on our Website.

Unfortunately we cannot ship to any address outside Australia. At least, not yet.

Refunds (01)

If the goods delivered to you are faulty, damaged or do not match the description of the goods that you ordered, then we will refund the purchase price to you or exchange the goods for goods of equal value at no additional charge, provided that you are able to produce proof of purchase if required.

If we require you to return goods to us in order to receive the refund or exchange, we will arrange for the collection of those goods from you at the delivery address, free of charge.

We reserve the right to inspect the goods to determine the cause of the fault or damage. If we determine that the fault or damage was not caused by us, acting reasonably, then we may refuse to refund or exchange the goods.

We are under no obligation to provide a refund or exchange of goods in the event that you change your mind.